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Wicked Twisted Wizard Staffs

  • $ 3595

You shall not pass......up the chance to grab one of KIL's Wicked Twisted Wizard Staffs!!!

Every year, a few of you hard-hitting trick-or-treaters ask us to dig through our entire stock of KIL Rattan to find a bent and twisted staff for your Halloween costume.  We usually do our best to straighten all of our rattan, but as you know, rattan is a natural product that can have slight twists and bends due to its growth patterns.

This year, we took the time to find some of our KIL Rattan Staffs with the most character, and we set them aside for you fighters who appreciate a unique looking staff.  

These Wicked Twisted Wizard Staffs come in 6-foot, 5-foot, and 4-foot lengths.  (We even found two 7-footers for you taller warlocks and witches.)  They all range in diameter, so if you have a preference, please put a note in the "special instructions for seller" box in the shopping cart page, and we'll do our best to find the closest size. 

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