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About us

     Kombat Instrument's sticks are not made to be decorative, used as furniture, or hung on the wall as art. They are created for one specific purpose, learning the movements and attitudes of the Filipino martial arts; put more bluntly, hitting. Kombat's sticks are not always perfectly symmetrical or blemish free, however, K.I.L.'s sticks are always hard, handmade, and able to take lots of contact.                        


The owner of the company created the sticks due his dissatisfaction with the sticks in the catalogs. Sticks that peeled after a few hits, were too light, and rarely long enough. Kombat instrument's sticks are created for the full contact fighter in the belief that such a high standard will satisfy other practitioners. Being a full contact fighter himself, the owner relies on his sticks to stand up in his full contact fights.

Our scientists are working around the clock to make better sticks.


Kombat Instruments Ltd.'s sticks are hand cut from Mano rattan, which is the hardest of all the rattans. We offer any custom length or practical diameter. They are twice fire-hardened for strength and even more hardness in a process taught to the owner by his Filipino instructors. This process takes the moisture out of the skin of the rattan, drawing it tight, which gives the desired strength and rigidity. The sticks are then soaked in an ancient filipino recipe of oils and lacquers to help preserve them for a longer life. In addition, the ends of the sticks are rounded off slightly after cutting to reduce the sharpness of the edges.

These handmade sticks are the finest and most durable available anywhere.