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Talibong w/Kamagong Scabbard - Ifugao, Philippines

  • $ 25000

The Talibong (or Talibon) is a weapon from the Visayan region.  Its blade can easily cut through vegetation, but is also designed for slaughter.  This version of the Talibong was designed with a straighter blade; meant more for martial arts fighting instead of jungle war combat.  It comes with a scabbard made from locally sourced Kamagong.


During Team KIL's recent weapons expedition in the Philippines, we traveled to the Kali Tribe Alliance Global Convention.  Our KIL founder, Tuhon Nick Papadakis, was asked to instruct a class on his kali techniques.  The convention organizer, Tuhon Rommel Tortal, invited us to visit his home the next day.

As we stepped into Rommel's office, we were impressed by his walls which were lined with racks and racks of blades.  These were swords and knives made by the Ifugao people; traditional Filipino blades, forged to look contemporary.  We definitely had to bring some back for you.


Talibong w/Kamagong Scabbard

Weight: 1lb8oz

Weight w/scabbard: 2lb4oz

Blade Length: 18"

Total Length: 25"

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