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Slim Jim - KIL Guava - Fine Art Finish

  • $ 20000

Slim Jim

We get many compliments on our thick and sturdy KIL Guava Walking Sticks, but every every once in a while, we get requests from experienced hikers for thinner staffs.  These disciplined climbers and backpackers prefer to travel light, optimizing every ounce they carry with them.  Enter Slim Jim.  Named after the popular meat snacks that many mountaineers carry with them, this KIL Guava Walking Stick is tall, thin, light, and flexible. 


All of our Fine Art Finished KIL Guava pieces are selected for their distinguished characteristics and harvested directly from the source by our KIL Team.  After our guava sticks are naturally cured, we give them a slight straightening (as much as we can to this dense wood), eight grades of initial sanding, nine stages of essential oil massage with a fine sanding after each layer, then ten coats of natural wax, buffed to a high gloss finish.  Additional finishing procedures may be necessary to highlight the unique features of these one-of-a-kind weapons. 


Slim Jim is: 65-1/2" Long - (1"- 7/8") Diameter - 1lb6oz Weight 

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