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Mad Mule Kick Stick - KIL Guava - Satin Finish

  • $ 17000

This staff kicks like a mule!!!  We found that out by accident when the foot of this guava piece knocked one of us in the shins while getting waxed.  Ouch!!!  We need to be more careful here at the KIL Weapons Workshop. 

If you're looking for a hard and heavy staff that kicks like a beast, the Mad Mule Kick Stick is it!!!

All of our Satin Finished KIL Guava pieces are selected and harvested directly from the source by our KIL Team.  After our guava sticks are naturally cured, we give them a slight straightening (as much as we can to this dense wood), five levels of sanding, a massage of essential oils, then several coats of natural wax.

Mad Mule Kick Stick is: 52.25" Long - (1-3/4"- 1-1/4") Diameter - 2lb12oz Weight

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