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Kamagong Single Sticks

  • $ 4295

Kamagong is an ironwood from the Philippines, in the same family as Macassar Ebony.  Due to its high demand, this wood has become increasingly difficult to obtain.  The Kamagong Sticks we receive at the KIL Weapons Workshop get hand sanded to a smooth finish, then buffed with several coats of a protective clear wax.

Each Kamagong Stick is completely unique, with a variety of distinct colors and patterns.  We try to pair our Kamagong Sticks with similar markings, but we'll occasionally have single sticks without an ideal match.  This is your chance to choose from our unmatched Kamagong Sticks.

Scan over each photo to find the Kamagong Stick that is perfect for you.  See each length, diameter, and weight in the dropdown menu. 

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