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Starter's Stick Fighter Package

  • $ 22995
  • Save $ 59

Just starting out and don't know what to get?  We've got you covered at a discounted price.  In this complete package you get everything you need to start training and fighting in just about any style of stick fighting, arnis, eskrima, kali, with all the safety equipment needed.

You get:
Fighters Fencing Mask
Our exclusive Padded Stick Fighting Gloves
Silicone Mouth Guard
Cotton Elastic Knee Pads
Cotton Elastic Elbow Pads
Pair of 28" KIL Rattan 7/8" (approximate diameter) Fighting Sticks
Super Tough Padded Stick, Red
       Rubber Knife
KIL Sticker
KIL Guitar Bag to carry all this gear.


If you bought each piece individually to make this whole package would normally run $289.70

Please let us know your sizes for Mask, Gloves (S/M, M/L, L/XL), Knee (S or L) and Elbow (S or L) pads. Please see below for sizing.


Fencing Mask:

Mask Sizing: XL- for people who have trouble finding hats that fit them, usually guys 6'2. 200lbs

Large- Fits most males. I am 5'10 198, I wear a large, I can also wear a Medium(I wear a 7.5 in a hat)

Medium - for men just a bit smaller

Small - Women and kids

or measure horizontally at temple level and try this chart for sizing also.

Head Gear  
19.5" - 20.5" S
21" - 22" M
22.5" - 23" L
23" - 24" XL



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