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Guava Staffs - Rugged Finish

  • $ 10000

Rugged Hard Staffs for Rugged Hard Fighters (or Rugged Hard Walking Sticks for Rugged Hard Hikers)

On the outskirts of the rainforests in South America, the native people cultivate the Strawberry Guava trees for their sweet-tart fruit.  Deeper in the dense forest, the Strawberry Guava trees grow taller and straighter, and the timber becomes harder and more durable.  The natives use this dependably strong wood for tool handles, but here at KIL, we knew that you would want to hit people with it. 

All of our KIL Guava Staffs are selected and harvested directly from the source by our KIL Team.  After our guava pieces are naturally cured, we give them a slight straightening (as much as we can to this dense wood), three levels of sanding, then finish them off with a massage of essential oils.  Every Guava Staff we offer has its own unique beauty; no two are alike.

Each staff in this batch of our KIL Guava Staffs has a Rugged Finish.  They'll have distinct markings, bends, and a personality that might just match your own.  These Guava Staffs are dense for their size, and are perfect for hitting and beating.

Scan over each photo to find the Guava Staff that calls out to you.  See each length, diameter, and weight in the dropdown menu. 

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