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Coffee Wood - Indonesian Kerambit

  • $ 4000

A sharp looking knife with a double sided eagle head's sheath.  Both are made from local Coffee Wood.  The Kerambit (or karambit, or korambit): the knife designed like a tiger's claw.  The sharp curved blade, the choice to wield it from either the top or bottom of the fist, and its compact and concealable size make this a popular weapon choice in the region. 


During Team KIL's recent excursion to Indonesia, we had a chance to meet with several local martial artists and weapons experts as we traveled to different villages.  In one of our most intense experiences, a few native men emerged from the jungle and quickly approached us while brandishing knives.  After a few heightened moments of careful communication, we realized that they were local artisan knife makers who were eager to show us their craftsmanship.  

It's easy to tell from these photos that their stylish and ornate knives were made with great care and consideration.  We were pleasantly surprised to learn that most of these blades were forged from steel that was salvaged from abandoned American military vehicles.  The handles and sheaths were carved from a variety of locally harvested Indonesian woods.  We definitely had to bring some back with us and make them available to you fighters who appreciate the art of native knives.  


Coffee Wood - Indonesian Kerambit

Weight, no sheath: 4 ounces

Overall length: 6"

Blade length: 3"

Blade width: at widest point 7/8"

Handle length: 4.5"

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