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Pomegranate War Club - Fine Art Finish

  • $ 12000

Pomegranate War Club

The Pomegranate.  Punica granatum.  The Grained Apple.  In biblical times, the pomegranate was a symbol of fruitfulness, blessing, and prosperity.  They were used for their fruit and seeds, their sweet juice and wines, and for ornamental decoration.  But what is rarely written about is pomegranate wood.

The trunk of the pomegranate is a bit knotted and twisted.  It is too thin to be used for lumber.  But if you ever get a usable length of this wood, you'll find it to be lightweight and durable. 

We treated our pomegranate piece like we treat our KIL Guava: multiple grades of sanding, oil massage, and waxing.  This brought out an amazing looking wood weapon, twisted and marbled with blond and deep brown patterns.  We left on a portion of the branch offshoot to create this beautiful and brutal Pomegranate War Club.

Pomegranate War Club is: 26" Long - 1-3/8" Diameter - 1lb5oz Weight

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