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Kamagong Octagon Single Stick

  • $ 4995

You've used our traditional Kamagong Sticks.  What do you think about these Octagon Kamagong Sticks?  These new sticks have the tradition round grip (with a few ornate patterns carved in), then tapers into an octagonal striking tip, which gives this weapon corners, perfect for digging into your opponent's bones. 

Kamagong is an ironwood from the Philippines, in the same family as Macassar Ebony.  Due to its high demand, this wood has become increasingly difficult to obtain.  Some of our select Kamagong gets hand carved into decorative training weapons; great for swinging, but not meant for wood on wood contact.  Each Kamagong weapon is completely unique, with a variety of distinct colors and patterns. 


Kamagong Octagon Single Stick:

Overall Length: 28"

Weight: 12oz

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