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Strawberry Guava Staff (6)

  • $ 9000

Harvested and Hand Crafted by K.I.L.

This is a great, hard, sturdy long stick. It has mild curves, but is basically straight and heavy for its size. Sanded and oiled several times. This is a very nice hardwood sibat, staff, or walking stick.

Every piece we offer is unique.  No two are alike.  We do some straightening on these sticks, but it is so hard that only a limited amount of straightening can be done.

Our South American Strawberry Guava is harvested directly from the source, and handcrafted in our shop.  Guava normally grows as a bush, but the hardest, heaviest, and straightest pieces come from South America.

Length: 51" long x 1" diameter.

Weight: 1.45 lb

This is a one of a kind item.

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