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Sumo Dan's Olympia Sumo Championship - Entry Fee

Sumo Dan's Olympia Sumo Championship - Entry Fee

  • $ 5250

Sumo returns to the Olympia, and the Olympia returns to Las Vegas!!!

Sumo Dan's Olympia Sumo Championship has been invited back to Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend to help celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Mr. Olympia.  Mr. Olympia and Sumo Dan invite you to compete.


***Athlete Entry Fee***

Tournament Entry Fee - $52.50

Tournament Entry includes an event T-shirt 

(Early entry ends August 30th)

(Late entry ends October 4th)



Friday, October 11, 2024 - Saturday, October 12, 2024



Las Vegas Convention Center

3150 Paradise Rd

Las Vegas, NV  89109



Friday, October 11, 2024 - Women's Divisions

Saturday, October 12, 2024 - Men's Divisions

(Updated schedules will be posted as the event date nears.)


***Weight Classes***

Lightweight Women: <65 kg

Middleweight Women: <73 kg

Light-Heavyweight Women: <80 kg

Heavyweight Women: >80 kg

Lightweight Men: <85 kg

Middleweight Men: <100 kg

Light-Heavyweight Men: <115 kg

Heavyweight Men: >115 kg



The Openweight divisions are by special invitation. 

The 4 top placing athletes from each of the weighted classes will be invited to compete in the Openweight brackets, Women and Men.

We should have more bracket spaces available, so we should be able to invite more athletes to participate based on merit, performance, country representation, and available time. 


***Competition Attire***

All athletes must wear a clean, properly tied mawashi.

Women: Please wear a solid color, one-piece singlet or bodysuit. (no large
corporate logos; country ID or team logos okay)

Men: traditional attire (mawashi only) is preferred.  We will allow men to wear a pair of skin-tight, over the knee, BLACK shorts underneath the mawashi. (no large corporate logos; country ID or team logos okay)

(Men invited to compete in the Openweight division will not be allowed wear shorts.)


 ***Tournament Format***

We plan on using a double elimination format to determine winners.

Each athlete will be guaranteed a minimum of 2 tournament matches.


***Open Dohyo***

On both Friday and Saturday, we plan to have the dohyo open before the tournament for warm-ups, practice, and challenge matches.



Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)



(Hotel information still to come.)


For any questions or for more information, please email us at: